Similans Part II

A few more photos from the trip since Part I was getting a bit unwieldy.

Some of the more memorable sights from the liveaboard were the dive briefing drawings. The divemasters certainly had fun with these:

In between each dive (and of course before and after), we were treated to home-cooked meals and snacks. Our favorites: mango sticky rice, and bacon with every breakfast. Cooked en masse in a giant wok!

Cast of characters:

Kui, our guide for the three days aboard The Mariner; Deaw, always a source of raunchy levity; Inge, the intrepid trip leader; and Rob, very serious resident small critter expert.

The boat crew, with a side of manta (photo courtesy of Deaw), spotted from the deck. A few of us (read, Ann) were lucky enough to see her during our safety stop.

Here we are, Chewie showing off his scar from the stealthy night jellyfish attack (he makes a good barracuda face), and Ann in front of the dive shop in Khao Lak.

And lastly, a brief collection of clips from our land-bound off gassing day. Other actual diving videos to come later!