In late April/early May Ann took a quick weekend work trip to Seattle and I tagged along.

After sleeping off the 6am flight we headed towards Pike Street Market for some music and late lunch. We got a sampler of scallop, New England, Market, and crab chowders at Pike Place Chowder Co, all of which were delicious but we couldn't really tell which was what.

Next morning, a quick visit at the Chihuly Garden and Museum:

We met up with Ann's college pal Livi, who drove us out to Discovery Park for a walk through wooded forests

and grassy bluffs. It was probably more walking that we'd done rest of the month combined, but we loved it.

All along the trail there were these ubiquitous silky and skin-crawling sacs of "Western Tent Caterpillars," which Chewie and Livi were mesmerized by... Ann was not amused. 

Back in the city, we had an unexpected encounter with our friend Lizzy (can't even get her to hang out in Boston). We went out for some coffee at Victrola (not bad), then some West Coast oysters at Taylor Oyster BarAs always we brought back the shells for Ann's little obsessive collection.

The trip wasn't complete without a stroll through the gum wall to the original Starbucks, where the hipsters roam...

And finally an outstanding view of Mt. Rainier (and what's that other mountain in the distance?) on the way out: