Iceland Day 9, Kjarnholt-Vik


The night morphed into dawn as the festivities went on. We did end up going to bed at some point, just as the sky began to take on a deep cerulean hue.

The guests trundled into the barn, groggy-eyed. Breakfast was a relatively subdued affair, with ample leftover chocolate wedding cake which was still, if not more delicious. How everybody managed to wake up and pack we don't know, but we were certainly in no shape to hit the road. But alas, today we'd have to say goodbye to everybody. All good things must end.

As we watched from our little hill the wedding caravan wind its way back, silence for the first time this weekend befell Kjarnholt. It was a bittersweet moment. Just six months earlier we'd wondered if this was going to be an intimate affair with just be the two of us and our immediate families; instead, so many of our friends made time to come such a long way. We'd made some unforgettable, truly magical memories with each one of them, and it was hard to send everybody off. We are two lucky ones.

We left the forty packs of unused ramen, along with various other novelty college pantry items for the next guests to visit this wonderful farmhouse. And now, off on Day 1 of Honeymoon.

Jon and Hannes had both given us a few tips for some scenic, off-the-beaten-path spots. While we didn't quite make it to the less-traveled side of Gulfoss, we still had a nice walk in a post-bloom lupine field. We had better luck with the secret hotspring pool.

We drove onwards, from the valley of Haukadalur towards Vik. By the time we hit the sea, the light was golden against some dramatic clouds and we couldn't pass up an opportunity to take some photos in a field of red grass.

On a whim we turned onto Route 221, towards Sólheimajökull. If you haven't seen Chasing Ice, a poignant and visually stunning documentary about global warming, you must absolutely do so. If you have, you'll recognize it as one of the tracked glaciers, which has since receded even farther back.

This place was so awe-striking that after all the other varied and breathtaking landscapes we've seen the week before, this was the first place that struck fear in me with the magnitude of nature and the force of time.

This was truly awesome. In every sense of the word.

We checked into a guesthouse by Vik, and finally began to catch up on some much needed sleep. Here are a few more pictures from the road:

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