Iceland Day 6, Akranes-Reykjavik-Grindavik


It's almost game time! We concluded our family excursion to the southwest, and packed up an ungodly number of bags for Reykjavik. 

We didn't do any sightseeing today, but had a few last-minute wedding preparations to finish. After Chewie sent his family off on a walking tour of downtown souvenir stores, we cozied up for some coffee and an intense dance playlist editing session (the editing was intense, though maybe dance was too...). I have to confess that until then I'd never given DJs too much thought, but after listening to the first and last 10 seconds of each song repeat about 40 times, I gained a deep appreciation for this neurosis-inducing job.

We met up with our planner, Hannes, for a last debrief. All seemed in good order. Tonight we would pick up rest of my family from China, and tomorrow morning the rest of our wedding guests. We finally got the feeling that this was really happening...

Fortuitously, it was Chewie's dad's birthday today, so we had a nice family dinner at Salthúsið, a restaurant in Grindavik that looked like a log cabin. Food was delightfully hearty, and not appropriate two days before the wedding. But that's another worry for another day, and tonight we celebrate!

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