Iceland Day 4, Snaefellsnes


Our plan today was to see as much of Snaefellsnes as possible ahead of the incoming storm. We made a pitstop at Eldborg on the way to Raudfeldsgja, a narrow ravine carved by petite stepwise cascades. We climbed in to find ferns and wildflowers sticking out of the damp recesses:

Chewie's dad twisted his ankle in the parking lot, of all places. Even so the dads were in high spirits after the hike. We drove onwards to the town of Hellnar, in part enticed by a popular lunch spot. What's that saying? Good things come to those who wait? Yeah we didn't, because we were too hungry to find Fjorohusid a mere three-minute walk away. The cafe by the church wasn't too bad though. As we learned many times subsequently, go on for a few more minutes and you'll be rewarded with a superior view (or food).

Those rocks.

A short drive away was Arnastapi. Somehow those same rocks have been pounded by the ceaseless Atlantic waves into the distinctively Icelandic black beach pebbles. But first: a game of skipping stones into a shallow lagoon, where Chewie's family discovered that my dad is the secret champion of this childhood pastime.

Chewie rescues his camera while I abandon mine to the pulsating sea:

Gossamer waves washing over the pebbles

(Lesson learned: don't put a crappy filter, or worse, two, over a nice lens.)

On our way to dinner at Hótel Búðir, we were delighted by a brilliant, four-hour-long sunset over varied land- and cloudscapes.

Dinner was the best food we'd had yet in Iceland: mostly local meat and fish, delicately tender. Future brother-in-law Jason and I sampled together their birch-flavored cocktails, which led to many a happy nap in resplendent flower beds. I seriously recommend it.

Meanwhile, the kids chased after the sheep: such wary creatures!

The penultimate stop of the day was the basalt columns of Gerðuberg. They were quite a bit smaller than I imagined, though still impressive in their regularity. Over this desolate expanse they stood as sentries watching the night creatures. We goofed around with photo-ops, and there against the fading daylight, Chewie and I marveled at the color sensitivity and dynamic range of our mere human eyes (or brain?).

iPhone panorama:

The very last stop of the long day ended as an aimless, long search for the rumored effervescent mineral spring of Raudamelsolkelda. Still it was one filled with simultaneous excitement and apprehension for the at-last fast approaching night on the hraun.

Tiffany hangs her head, returning after the fruitless search for Raudamelsolkelda. Until next time!

Tiffany hangs her head, returning after the fruitless search for Raudamelsolkelda. Until next time!

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