Iceland Day 13, Akureyri and Myvatn


Our streak of good luck with the weather ended abruptly today. Nevertheless, we were going to make the best of it. On our way out of Olafsfjordur, we happened upon this waterfall plunging into the sea:

Almost everyday we'd seen hitchhikers along the road, but because we were always simultaneously in a rush to get somewhere and pulling off the road every five kilometers to take pictures, we didn't deem ourselves suitable chauffeurs. Today, as we had no definite plans and it was too dreary for distractions, we picked up a solo traveler who was headed to Myvatn area as well.

Roy was visiting from Israel on an extended backpacking trip. His first days here were besieged by bad weather that promptly demolished the "three season tent" he'd bought from back home. Nevertheless he carried himself with the optimistic attitude of live and learn.

We dropped Roy off at the Myvatn camping site, then went on towards the Krafla volcano region, which now houses a geothermal power plant. The road stopped at Viti, a crater named "hell" from Krafla's 1724 eruption. Across from the parking lot, hot plumes of steam hissed out of turbines at deafening volumes. We, as others, walked gingerly along the rim of the crater lest we fall into the turquoise lake.

The detour here took much longer than expected, but brought us to the vicinity of Grjótagjá. This "secret cave" is undoubtedly familiar to the Game of Thrones fanatics among us, and to our surprise, quite well marked. Unfortunately, the hot spring inside has taken a turn in recent years for the hotter, and it's no longer safe for bathing.

After days of frenetic travel we were exhausted and happy to call it an early night.

From the road, as usual:

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