It's that time of the year again. Ever since the beginning of grad school, Chewie and his usual gang have been renting out a log cabin in the autumn woods of New Hampshire. This tradition, as they often do, started as a happy accident: a Craigslist barter of a weekend lodging in exchange for some camera gear. We've kept it going for seven years now, and though over time both the participants and locations have shifted, a few stalwart original members remain firmly committed to the spirit of this fall retreat.

This year we found a farm house up in Bath NH, and have recruited a few new friends. We had also planned a few ambitious culinary endeavors, as we grow up from our chips and salsa and burger days.

One of the fondest memories of houses past was light-painting in the White Mountains under the dark skies:

Is Matt ever going to grow up?

Our plan for Saturday was to hike the Lonesome Lake trail, which we'd also done before. After a hearty brunch we were ready to take off, except one minor hiccup. Chewie had backed our car down a little hill into a problematic position.

Half an hour of shoving planks under the wheels and futile pedal pushing later, we were no closer to moving the car. Fortunately David remembered the carjack and we finally managed to hoist the car high enough to free it from the hill. We were jubilant, triumphant. Meanwhile, the other car had driven away, blithely ignorant of our struggles.

Videos coming when Ann gets back :)

We took a photo from the hike near the same spot as we did a few years back:

The outing was fun but in retrospect we spent a long time driving, especially, for the second time that day Ann’s trust was broken by Matt leading us astray. By the time we finished taking naps Mike finally arrived to join the festivities! He’s also a fan of the adjoining farm and chicken coop:

The highlight of the evening… great food, games, and a large bonfire, lovingly tended to by a few wanna-be-pyros.

A quick stop-over at Russell Pond on the way home, with a view of the 22° halo and Parry arc around the not-warm-enough sun.

A week later we were on the road again to Boothbay, ME. Chewie’s college roommate Andrew had recently moved back stateside after a long stint in Tokyo. Joining us were quite a few of our other Yale friends, making the weekend a mini-reunion.

Clearly we didn’t get much chance to go in the water this summer, so it was nice to get our feet wet, if somewhat unintentionally, kayaking in the Linekin Bay. Andrew’s parents were also kind enough to take us on a boat tour of the surrounding waters. We caught no fish, but Ann lost a hook.

Playing with the TS-E 24mm F3.5, "Shifty eyes":

Highlights of House #2: spotting a bald eagle and a seal over the bay, finding a field of deer moss in the woods, and Andrew grabbing moths out of mid-air.