Diving in Rockport


Since coming back from Iceland unscathed, we've seemingly overcome our fear of cold water diving. Over the last few weekends we've been tagging along with various friends and local dive clubs to explore the seashores around Rockport, MA. Although the visibility here isn't Silfra and the reefs aren't Bonaire, we've still been pleasantly surprised by the diversity of seaweed and bottom crawling critters -- especially of the edible variety! As luck would have it, we found a "lobster tickler" at the end of our last dive in Folly Cove, so why not get a recreational lobstering license as well?

In the mean time, we've picked up a GoPro Hero4 after deliberating for years. It's partially spurred by the impracticality of towing the giant 5DM2 housing through these rocky entries, and partially by our planned dive trip to Asia later this year!

Here are some of the first videos taken from Back Beach, as we begin learning the tricks of iMovie and most importantly, not bobbing up and down too much while filming. Good for buoyancy practice I suppose:

We took a few still captures from the videos. This defiant lobster ended up being too small so we put him back into his hidey-hole. The lucky guy lives another day.

We swam through some beautiful patches of seaweed. It's been a dry, warm few weeks and the water was around 63-65°C, perfectly comfortable with a 7+7mm full body suit plus hooded vest. We saw a winter flounder and a school of striped bass, one curious member of which swam in circles around us.

The dancing rays illuminated the kelp and all the floaty bits in the shallow cove. Here's the other video:

As Chewie and our friend and divemaster Grace surfaced, Ann found herself accidentally buddied to a group of strangers nearby. Oops.

Here are some photos Grace took, from this dive and the last one at Pebble Beach: