Bali Part II

Continued from Bali Part I:

Day 2 dives were deep and I forgot to bring the red filter so they're as color-balanced as I can manage:

Day 3. This was the last wet day of our Asia trip. For some variety the divemasters took us to a pair of dives at Jepun, where there's a small wreck, a sunken buddha statue, plus some other curiosities, and White Sand Beach, another picturesque site featuring a staghorn coral-dominated garden.

We ended with a long, leisurely night dive back at Jepun. If this site was full of strange creatures during the day, its night denizens are only more fantastical. Our favorites: coral catsharks and slipper lobsters!

Over the three days, we were blown away by the diversity and abundance of fish and critter species we'd encountered. This was the first time we'd really seen anemones and their associates, including the many species of curious anemone fishes who darted in and out of their homes to inspect our faces when we got too close.

Bali was also home to diverse lionfish species, who were at once beautiful and terrifying. There are no fewer than half a dozen species around the region:

One of the most impressive skills of the divemasters was their sharp eyesight for these masters of camouflage. As we combed through the pictures sometimes we'd still have trouble finding the subjects. Here they are, try to spot the fish!

As always, thanks to our amazing guides, Regig, Chris, and Komang, and dive buddy Tony. Here we are doing our safety stops:

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