Yin & Julia, #Renberdgetwild


This past weekend was the wedding of two dear friends, Yin and Julia. The wedding and reception were held at the Massachusetts Audubon's Habitat and Wildlife Sanctuary, a beautiful garden (complete with baby bunnies) just out of Boston.

By complete coincidence and lack of coordination, we actually all got engaged within 12 hours (to our respective significant others), and our weddings were planned within a month of each other's as well. We were very happy that in spite of all the wedding planning frenzy they were still able to come to ours.

Practice run the day before went well. While Julia simulated a bouquet with her purse, Yin pointed out the location for dinner.

Inspired by our wedding photographers, we picked up the 24mm F3.5 TS-E II. The learning curve is somewhat steep, and Ann is still struggling a bit with focusing. But we are already impressed by its sharpness and close focusing ability!

When we arrived on Saturday, the tables were already set up and beautifully decorated. The guests trickled in, looking snazzy. Pictured below: Charles, not as amused as his wife Vivian; Arvind, deep in thought; (other) Yin and husband Ron, who recently had a little girl named Clare; and Ann, hair suitably messy.

The ceremony was intimate and touching, and their friends shared memories of MIT, Yin and Julia's early days as a couple, and their travels together. To everybody's amused bemusement (but not really), Yin demonstrated his profound love not just to Julia, but also Game of Thrones by walking down the aisle to its theme song, and somehow weaving pieces of the Night's Watch oath into his own vows. Here they are, looking radiant.

During cocktail hour (featuring Yin & Tonic and Juliarita), the wedding party took some fun shots with the photographers. While Julia was away chowing down the coconut shrimps and beef skewers, her bridesmaids almost dropped Yin on his head.

He survived, and did not let the groomsmen do the same to his bride.

There were many happy guests to witness this union. Julia's sorority came out in full force, whereby Lizzy discovered that she was actually in the same sorority at Penn. Ann unexpectedly reconnected with Stephanie, a friend from middle school -- such a small world!

The couple showed off some impressive moves on the dance floor as well, with everybody else joining in shortly after.

Towards the end of the night, both Julia and Yin's proud families gave their impressions and accounts of the happy couple. Matt outdid himself again by regaling us with hilarious stories from their time together. Yin and Julia couldn't stop smiling, and we cheered on as they cut the cake, followed by its disappearance, cupcakes, and more dancing!

So congratulations to the lovely couple. Here's to many more years of fun and happiness!